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NLP Finally Gets Respect & Notice

By Steve Andreas Many of us in the field have complained for years that NLP methods have been largely ignored in mainstream research into therapeutic processes. Periodically research appears that “rediscovers” and proves …read more    

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Filling a Gap

By Steve Andreas Tom Kavanaugh raised an interesting question in response to viewing the streaming videos on He wrote: “None of the processes and protocols I’ve studied has provided any information about …read more    

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Is Anger really bad?

By Nitin Shah Most of us believe that anger is a negative emotion and it’s ‘bad’ to get angry. Research results show that anger can lead to behavioural breakdown and health related issues. There …read more    

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Treating PTSD

By Steve Andreas The so-called “gold standard” for treating PTSD is “exposure therapy” in which the client is asked to re-experience a terrifying traumatic memory repeatedly. This is very uncomfortable, so there is …read more    

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

By Steve Andreas An article in the current Discover Magazine (November, 2013) describes Jeffrey Schwartz’s method for curing OCD, which he derived from his practice of Buddhist mindfulness. “If the practice of mindfulness …read more    

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Application of NLP in therapies

By Nitin Shah NLP is a short term goal-orientated and practical therapeutic approach to problem solving. Whatever problem you have, NLP can help. It has its roots in the field of behavioural science, …read more    

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