NLP Embedded Commands

Rapid Rapport with NLP Embedded Commands

Embedded commands involve making persuasive suggestion couched within a larger context.  The easiest way is by making your voice lower, slower and louder. The change in tonality launches an embedded command.


NLP embedded commands

Ask her out. With an embedded command

Analog Marking

NLP calls this analog marking. Analog communication is providing a message, without words (digital). This is how animals interact– with sounds and habits.

By marking out non-verbally some part of an interaction, the subconscious mind recognizes and comprehends this part in a different way. It indicates, “Take note of this bit”.

This marking can be behavioral– a body movement motion or motion or making use of voice tone, volume, speed and so on.

For instance,.” My pal understands how to feel great about herself”- the “feel great” can be highlighted by speaking it somewhat louder, slower or much faster. Here are a few more NLP embedded commands:

  • “There is no have to unwind and enter a hypnotic trance simply yet”. “Unwind and enter into a trance” might be marked with a hand gesture.
  • “You can talk with me when you prepare”. “Speak to me” can be marked with body language.
  • “John, sit down and relax”. “Sit down and relax” is marked out as a command.

Difference in between a query and a command.
See to it you deliver the command part of the sentence a forceful assertion. In language, we understand an increasing tone at the end of a sentence as a question. There is a distinction between “You are going now?” and “you are going now”.

Have you ever discovered exactly how some people appear as though they are questioning when they don’t indicate to? “I’ll get this report done by tonight?” A rising inflection can make somebody appear hesitant, as if he is asking permission.

A concern has an increasing tone or inflection at the end.
A statement has no inflection at the end.
A command has a falling inflection at the end.

The Trick With Embedded Commands

If you want to persuade people, couch your command in your paragraph with a downward falling inflection. This makes them act on it subconsciously. Now for extreme oomph, mix it with the evil mind control techniques found here

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