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Learn about NLP Hypnosis Milton Style

Milton Erickson is a legend in hypnosis circles.

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She’s in awe with your NLP

You know exactly what he did? His patients just weren’t even mindful they were being hypnotized, yet they all had these significant advancements normally around a week after Erickson did his thing.

Here’s exactly how it worked.

Milton believed you need 2 things for hypnosis to take impact:.

Initially, you should create Security and Convenience. Second, you need trust.

And Erickson accomplished that in a simple means.

He ‘d say something like “I understand that you’re interested in your problem … and you have actually been working at it for a long time now. Just a truly as you are sitting in that chair, breathing in and out, you could start to notice how the more free you allow yourself to become, the smaller your issue seems to be.”

Whoa. Let’s take another look at that, in slo-mo.

Erickson creates a feeling of security and convenience by expressing concern about his customer– which suggests he’s not going to try and injure him.

Then, he produces a feeling of complacency  by making a series of true statements (factually verifiable).

I understand that sounds crazy, and that the true statements aren’t anything special, but the important thing is that he named them and brought them from the client’s unconscious knowledge of himself and his surroundings into the conscious level. And each time he did that, the client in his mind said “Yes!”.

What were the true statements?

1. The client is concerned with the problem.
2. The client has been working on the problem.
3. The client is sitting in a chair.
4. The client is breathing in and out.

Simple things, right? But each time Erickson did this, he brought the client to say “Yes!”… and over the course of his intro, his client gets used to stating “Yes!” He sees the pattern of Erickson’s correctness, and thus slowly begins to TRUST Erickson’s statements. NLP hypnosis can be crafty.

He wants to keep saying “Yes!”.

So when Erickson moves on and says “. notice how the more relaxed you allow yourself to become, the smaller your problem appears to be.” And the client says “Yes!” And now he’s prepared to be led by Erickson through numerous tips and agree with them.

He’s hypnotized.

Great, you’re thinking, simply what you desired, a psych lesson. But the truth is, this is VERY important stuff when dealing with clients, friends, women.

Why? I’m not stating you should break out a pocket watch and begin reciting “You’re getting very sleepy …” but the truth is hypnosis isn’t nearly as mystical and difficult as the public makes it out to be.

In fact, most people are at least a little hypnotized many of the time.

Hypnosis is merely the leading of a person to a suggestion, while disengaging the sensible mind.

You can even say it is a quieting of the logical mind, and a nudging of the emotional one.

And it’s very rhythmic, because humans like rhythms and patterns and will generally tend to go along with a rhythm until something disrupts it.

So when you’re getting into music, that’s a kind of hypnosis.

Watching TV, same thing (especially commercials).

Even most conversation has a cadence and a hypnotizing aspect to it.

So now, when I tell you that you should use these sorts of techniques when getting ladies, you shouldn’t think you should take a course nor twist her mind.

You need to simply learn to GUIDE it.

NLP Hypnosis for Dating

So how do you create the safety and comfort? Well, to begin with, if you’re approaching a girl for the first time, DO NOT do anything usual.

No pick-up lines. No playing super-smooth. No checking her out and raising your eyebrow to your friend.

All these things stink of a cheap pick-up, and the woman will run as far away as she can. Not good.

However, if you reach her feeling comfortable YOURSELF, that aura will rub off on her.

Second, concentrate on DETAILS. They don’t need to be complex, however as long as you’re introducing a truth into her consciousness– and saying something unusual– you’re pinning yourself as sensitive to the world around him (not the wimp kind of sensitive– the kind women really like) AND different, more observational than other guys.

And as you make observations that lead her to say “Yes!” in her head, she’ll grow to TRUST you.

I’m not telling you to misrepresent yourself. The best way to be trusted is to be credible– if you’re not, the woman will figure it out fast enough.

But trust usually takes some time to establish, and when you’re first meeting a girl, you don’t have the time. You need an IMMEDIATE positive impression.

So do what the Doctor does. Lead her with comments that make her say “Yes!” and she’s MUCH more likely to start trusting you– and to want to KEEP saying “Yes!”.

An example of this stealth method:.

“I know you don’t know me (yes), but I saw you sitting here awaiting you buddy (yes) and enjoying your drink (yes), and I noticed you have a really nice aura about you. Do you deal with helping people or something like that?”.

Now, you’ve provided her three true statements, and a fourth that is complimentary which she’s eager to say yes to. Whatever she does, she’ll probably be quite receptive to your question, and bam, you’re into a conversation.

Keep her inner voice saying yes, and it will become trust. And link you with truth and, by extension, SINCERITY.

Very safe, comfortable, and secure.

Now, include in a little of that wonderful playfulness, and she won’t get bored (like a lot of sincere men make her, most of the time), and she’ll have a very warm feeling about you and WANT to keep talking.

Combine this with previous concepts we’ve talked about, and you can almost GUARANTEE you’ll have favorable experiences with all the females you approach– even if they’re happily in love, they’ll still be receptive and warm. And it’s all stealth– you’re not being obvious about it.

Just avoid being dull from there on out, and you prepare to start kicking things up notches.

This is relatively sophisticated and subtle, however combine it with all the basics you already know, and your responses will become PHENOMENAL.

NLP Hypnosis for Sales

The same technique applies to a sales situation. Simply say something like this:

” Hi, I noticed you were looking at that watch on display. (yes) You spent a almost ten minutes near it (yes), then you’d look at the door (yes). Shall I assist you with trying it on?”

Got the drift? Imagine how powerful such commands can be. You’d probably say YES.

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