NLP Hypnotic Seduction

The Banned NLP Hypnotic Seduction Method

Have you ever heard of Pavlov? The Pavlovian response? Or his pet dogs?

If not, check out exactly what he did. He got a lot of dogs, and surgically implanted tubes in their salivary glandulars.

NLP hypnotic seduction

she has her heart for you

Then, Pavlov started ringing a bell before he fed the pets. Soon enough, hearing the bell sufficed to obtain the pet dogs salivating. It’s a key NLP strategy for behavior modification

Even when he got rid of the food or didn’t give it to the pet dogs, the bell produced just as much saliva as when they got the food.

Can you guess where I’m going here?

People are the same. All animals with the knowledge to connect cause and effect are the same (even though in this case, that connection is false).

This is exactly what you will do to get more love in your life. You will use NLP for hypnotic seduction.

In earlier articles,  I’ve got you performing various exercise creating anchors. If you’ve been working on them, by now you should know the anchors work. If you have experience with anchors and can get instant responses (like touching someone and getting instants smiles) then you have mastered the art of emotional elicitation via patterns. Remember we are pattern-sensing machines, and we’re quite happy to create one where they make no logical sense. That’s the beauty of NLP.

This worked really well back then when we heard a scratchy sound as a caveman. That triggered an instant response (grabbing clubs and fire sticks because a sabre tooth tiger might be outside). The scratchy sound was the anchor. The response was the arming of one’s self.

Anchoring still works today.

And you can make it work for you.

How? C’mon, you shouldn’t need me to spell it out.

Alright, I will, just in case you’re hung over at the moment. If a girl feels good around you– for any reason– that feeling gets TRANSFERRED to YOU.

This includes memories.

And, by the various other token, if she’s spending her time with you reliving bad experiences, YOU become linked with those feelings.

SO … you want to STAY CLEAR OF bitch sessions– especially early on, when she doesn’t have any feelings connected with you.

And you want to STIMULATE good memories and feelings as much as possible.

Let’s take an example.

NLP Hypnotic Seduction Pattern # 1.

Say you’ve simply met a girl, and in the course of conversation she starts discussing a current ex and a bad separation. She begins getting upset and devolving into all the adverse feelings that her breakup took her through.

You see her getting pissed, and while she’s getting pissed she’s seeing YOU.

Extremely bad.

What can you do?

Attempt stating something like this:.

“Wow, it sounds like that guy really harm you. Tell you what: pretend this” (pick up a piece of paper or something small and fragile like that) “is him. Now, crumple him up.”.

Betcha are she’ll go at this with a relish this little emotionalrelease..

“Now, put all your anger into this notepad (or whatever you’ve got), and throw it away. Simply tear it up, and toss it, and start fresh without THIS GUY bringing you down.”.

Man, this is powerful things. She’ll move from the unsafe place of linking you with all those negative feelings, and instead associate you with the CESSATION of those feelings. Double whammy. I recall reading six other patterns like this in this whopper of a get girls wet guide.

NLP Hypotic Seduction Pattern # 2.

Or let’s say that a girl tells you she has a boyfriend. You’ll get that a lot– both because attractive women often have boyfriends, and because that’s a great line to weed out the weak and the superficial.

You don’t have to let it throw you. For one, she could be lying, and also, PLENTY of women are with a man– but not ACTUALLY. They prefer it to being alone, however they’re still looking for the right guy for them.

Instead of walking away, you can do something like this:.

“That’s awesome. I bet he really makes you feel good. Listen, my friend says when she’s passionate about a guy, she feels it in back of her throat, and it travels out the top of her head. Do you mind if I ask how it felt with your boyfriend?”.

Maybe she’ll say “Well, I felt this fluttering in my stomach, and it moved down my spine.” (Check out this video demoing it)

As she’s stating this, she’ll be experiencing again the experience of her intense attraction. By the way, this works with any woman, if you just lead her through an experience of  attraction.

Then help her relive it AGAIN, and this time, ANCHOR it.

“That’s really interesting, because it’s nothing like my friend’s experience. So, let me get this straight. For YOU, you felt it in your STOMACH (and now lightly touch her tummy), and it moved down your SPINE (and trace the course). Is that right?”.

“Yes, that’s precisely it!”.

And now she’s experienced again the destination, but through YOUR NONVERBAL SEXUAL CUE TOUCH.

If she were a pet dog and you a bell, she’s drooling all over the place now.

NLP Hypnotic Seduction Pattern # 3.

A few more times throughout your time togetherness, re-establish the burning hot emotions. Talk about attraction and touch her stomach as you do. Discuss emotions welling, and trace the path.

Get innovative. Use this sort of strategy as powerfully as you can, for any sort of excellent positive sensation. Connect it to yourself, or to an object that will cause her to remember you.

Example: “I enjoyed chatting.”.

“Me too.”.

“Well,tell you what. Take all the fun you’ve had right here, and put it in this. (Pick anything, absolutely anything small and portable will do. Ok, not a bloody tampon, but you get the picture.) Then, whenever you need it, you can pick this up and remember this time.” Mr. Cameron developed a sneakier method of accomplishing this in his article. Check it out

Boom. Instant nostalgia. She’ll be thinking of you all day.

Now, getting this right takes a bit of practice– it’s easy to sound like some new age freak here, and you just might a number of times.

But work with it. Make it natural. Learn to steer the discussion to pleased emotions– and the situations to interesting spots (hint: worry and heat both feel similar to interest and sex, physiologically)– and you can stimulate powerful productive connections between good feelings and yourself.

And that … is a good thing. Now that we’ve got NLP hypnotic seduction covered, read on to the next article on trancing