NLP Patterns Double Bind

Double your Persuasiveness with The NLP Patterns Double Bind

The double bind is a conversational hypnosis method unknowingly deployed by sales individuals and parents. From your perspective, you are offering the individual 2 NLP Patterns Double Bindchoices, where either provides you your result you want.

Setting communication up with an impression of  illusory choice boosts cooperation. The listener selects the option most desirable as opposed to being forced to just make one choice. People feel good with chice.

Would you choose to have your bath before or after dinner? Would you like to pay by cash or charge card? These are really basic examples we have probably all used.

Can you also find the presuppositions in those examples? That the child is having a bath and the customer is buying the item. The other fellow has to accept this presupposition unconsciously– may or might not be easy with hypnosis.

“Well in fact I am not going to have a bath; I such as smelling like pond residue.” “I’m not purchasing your product, so do not trouble with your very finely disguised manipulation”.

The Double Bind Catch 22.

You could have heard of a Catch 22, which is another term for double bind, or possibly a “no win”. Somebody offers you two options either of which is unpleasant and for some reason you can’t simply refuse to select.

When children are small, the power difference normally indicates they are not in a position to refuse the choice. Occasionally as a customer you actually need the item– it’s 3am and this is the only location offering  lase toner.

Losing Scenarios
Many individuals established their lives like this. Damned if you do, damned if you do not. I hate working for this slime but starving is worse. I don’t want to stay married, however I don’t want to be alone.

Healing Use
Milton Erickson made use of binds to cause hypnotic trance and offer recommendations to resistant or aggressive  patients. You know the kind, you state it’s white and they are compelled to say that it is black. “I don’t understand whether you will make this change right away, or within the next week” is a good double bind.

Lots of challenges are from not wanting to alter behavior. Behavioral change can be unpleasant “I do not want to do my tax return, however leaving it to the last minute is way even worse”. By NLP framing the option, the person gets to choose one and feels great due to the fact that they have picked and are in control.

Double Bind In the Corporate workplace

Here’s a good example to use with your subordinate, ” It’s up to you whether to submit the report before dinner tonight or early on my  desk tomorrow. What’s important to me is that I get a legible well researched document”

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